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What if I don’t have a suitable pension scheme?

If you don’t have a suitable pension scheme then various options are available to you. A number of specialist auto enrolment schemes have been set-up to provide a compliant scheme for small-medium sized companies; these can vary in their complexity and quality.

Some private pension providers have established arrangements specifically to deal with workplace pensions for companies.

Most insurance companies that provide group personal pension arrangements also have an workplace pension offering, and will usually guide clients through what they need to know.

Picking a provider to supply your business with an auto enrolment scheme is not as simple as picking a provider of a stakeholder pension scheme.

The contract that you will be asked to enter into with the service provider will be detailed and complex. If you require assistance negotiating the terms of such a contract we would be happy to help.


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With the introduction of workplace pensions already underway for a number of larger businesses in the UK, it’s important that you act now and start preparing – there’s a lot that can be put in place earlier.